Makeup for face

A good base of makeup unifies the color of our skin covering the imperfections of the face, as granites, marks, spots or blackheads. The key to getting a natural make-up is in correctly applying the make-up foundation.

Natural Face Makeup

For this we have to be clear that the foundation is not to apply a darker color to our skin, that is a very common failure that creates an effect as if we wear a mask on the face, making the skin of our face Have a different color to that of the neck. The base of makeup must have the same tone as our skin to be able to fuse to the maximum. The perfect foundation of makeup is that which melts in the skin and is invisible in your face, unifying to perfection showing a perfect skin with any light, whether day or night.

Makeup Bases

We can find the bases of makeup in different formats with different coverings, such as fluid makeup bases, cream makeup base, powder makeup base, gel makeup base, mousses makeup base or bb cream. When choosing and buying the makeup base be careful not to choose a tone too dark or too light, remember that the color of the base has to resemble as much as possible to the tone of your face to unify the tone of the skin And cover imperfections, if what we want to achieve with our facial makeup is to bring to our face a touch of color we must use after the foundation some bronzing powders that raise a little the tone of our skin.

Facial makeup

To get a facial makeup that is natural on the face, we have to choose the face makeup that best suits our tone and skin type. There are 3 very important steps to getting perfect and lasting facial makeup. Before starting with face makeup it is essential to have a clean face and moisturized before with a facial cleanser and a moisturizer, after this we can begin with our 3 basic steps to get a natural makeup. We must first apply a prebase of makeup, the prebase of makeup prepares and smoothes the skin so that your makeup stays intact for longer. The second step should be to apply the foundation to unify the skin tone well covering small imperfections and achieve a radiant tone. And the third step is to get a good illumination of our face, for this we must use an illuminator that will help us to highlight our facial features with points of light that will make our facial makeup radiant and natural.

Face Makeup

To achieve a full face makeup and as natural as possible, we can conceal imperfections, dark circles and bags with some type of correcting pencil or liquid corrector before applying the foundation to make our facial makeup as unified as possible, allowing it to radiate Light and a natural shine. To give a little color to our face makeup we can always use bronzing powders that give us a light golden tone and healthy and give a little blush to the cheeks with a good rouge. Finishing our facial makeup with products for eye makeup and lip makeup.

Make-up for the face

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Facial makeup for all types of skin, in natural cosmetics we have opted for the natural makeup certified by organic cosmetics seals, with the guarantee that it is natural face makeup, composed of minerals and vegetable ingredients, not tested on animals, free Of chemicals, without parabens or synthetic dyes. That is a facial makeup designed to take care of the skin of our face, suitable for oily skin, mixed skin, normal skin, dry skin, sensitive skin and delicate skin. A face makeup that lets our pores breathe without obstructing them, providing nutrition and hydration, to achieve a more intense and lasting natural makeup, preventing the formation of allergies and irritations. Take the natural makeup and get a perfect look!