Insect bites

Often the bites are very annoying because they cause itching and swelling in the affected area. There are people that insect bites cause them allergic reactions that causes them a great swelling with itching and very unpleasant pain.

Products for bites


Mosquito bites are the most common insect bites. In summer with the heat is when more mosquitoes are there and the chances that they will bite us are much greater. At dusk in hot areas there is a high concentration of mosquitoes, especially near groves or rivers. A good alternative to prevent and prevent mosquito bites is to use a mosquito and insect repellent and if they have already bitten us and we have uncomfortable bites, ideally use some product that will calm and relieve the bites.

Repellent for stings

Insect repellents help us fight mosquito and insect bites like spiders, wasps, bees, etc. In natural cosmetics you can find repellents for natural bites, such as repellent bracelets or sprays to prevent stings. If the mosquito or insect has already bitten us we can opt for some type of product that is applied on the sting and soothe and relieve the pain and itching. Use a repellent for natural bites!