ICEA eco eco cosmetic certificate

IC Certificate Icea .EA Is the Environmental Ethics Certification Institute , an Italian eco-cosmetic certification body of the most important in Europe. ICEA is recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry to control the plant origin of raw materials, in particular the origin of extracts and essential oils used in certified organic agriculture (according to regulation 2092/91), Controlling formulations and releases for each product.
The certification guarantees that each cosmetic product meets strict rules for the regulation of formulations and ingredients. Guaranteeing the formation of healthy products and of low environmental impact, with transparent and complete information eco bio cosmetic.

ICEA certified cosmetics are available:


  • No prohibited substances specified on a specific list, meeting the criteria for compatibility with skin, toxicity or undesirable effects, synthetic origin and environmental impact.

  • No GMOs.

  • Products without being tested on animals.

  • Without the use of ionizing radiations.

  • Contain certified organic vegetable or animal ingredients whenever possible.

ICEA certified cosmetics do not contain:


  • Aggressive skin cleansers

  • Ethoxylated substances

  • PEG, PPG (cleansers, emollients …)

  • Substances that may harm the environment.

  • Components that may contain carcinogenic substances

  • Animal Derivatives

  • Synthetic aluminum and silicone derivatives