Serum or facial serum is a cosmetic compound with a texture more fluid than that of a facial cream. It consists of a much greater concentration of active products that penetrate and act on the deeper layers of the skin, repairing the skin deeply from the inside.

Facial Serum

The facial serum, being more fluid than the facial cream, penetrates quickly without leaving the skin greasy, acting on the deeper parts of the skin where the cream does not reach, besides having a higher content of active, provides benefits that the creams do not Have. If the serum that we use, it is a natural facial serum of natural cosmetics, your skin will thank you more, since the compounds that are quickly shed in our skin will be more related to our body and in turn more beneficial.

For whom the serum is indicated

It is recommended to start using a natural serum from the age of 30, the age from which our skin begins to grow old. It is especially recommended for women who want their treatment cream to have a quick action, such as treatment for wrinkles or sagging.

How to use a facial serum

Natural facial serum should never be used alone, it should be combined with the moisturizer or treatment cream we are using, why? Because the natural facial serum acts on the deeper layers of the skin, while the facial cream acts on the more superficial layers and prevents the skin from losing its hydration. If we use the serum together with the facial cream, for any type of treatment, whether moisturizing, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, lifting, tensioning, etc., the results will be much greater, resulting in a softer, firmer and smoother face.

When using a serum

The ideal is to use the natural serum twice a day one in the morning and another at night, but if we only use it once a day it is advisable to be at night when our skin regenerates. In the morning you should apply after the facial cleansing and before the moisturizer and at night, first perform the facial cleanser with the cleanser, then reestablish the ph of the skin with the tonic, leaving the skin ready to apply the serum Natural and then the treatment cream, whether nourishing, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, anti-stain, tensor, etc.
Take care of your skin with a natural serum, you can buy natural cosmetics serums in our online natural cosmetics store. Remember, for complete skin care combines a natural serum with a natural facial cream.