Nourishing Creams

Nourishing creams are regenerating facial creams that bring lipids and nutrients to the skin, allowing cellular regeneration of the dermis to prevent aging and wrinkle formation.

Nourishing creams at night

Lipids act as a protective natural barrier and when they are scarce, the protective barrier weakens and the face loses elasticity and softness. It is from the age of 30 when our dermis decreases the formation of these lipids, making it the perfect age from which it is recommended to start using a good nourishing cream. If you want to buy a good nutritious natural cosmetic cream, natural cosmetics is your online store.

Nourishing creams also called night creams, should be applied at night before going to sleep. This is because they act better without sunlight and have a greater effect on the skin when sleep envelops our body. Sleep is a natural regenerator, at which time the skin and muscles relax by promoting cellular regeneration. It is there when the nutritive cream has its greatest effect, helping to regenerate and renew the skin cells, nourishing and moisturizing it to prevent the formation of wrinkles and aging.

Nutritive creams for dry or aged skin

Nourishing creams are especially recommended for dry skin and mature or aged skin.

If you are looking for a good regenerating cream, we recommend the natural cosmetics nutritional creams, which nourish and hydrate the skin in a natural way, providing all the nutrients necessary for healthy skin. If you want to buy the best natural nutritional cream, natural cosmetics is your online shop for natural cosmetics and organic cosmetics.