Natural facial tonics clean and close the pores, re-establishing the natural pH of the skin. The facial tonic is the perfect and indispensable ally of our complexion, as it eliminates glare, dirt and impurities that a normal soap can not eliminate.

facial tonics


Natural facial tonics

The facial tonic is a primordial element in facial care. It is recommended to always use it before applying any treatment cream and after facial cleansing, either with makeup removers or soaps. It acts by restoring the PH of the skin, it also refreshes, hydrates, closes the pores, balances the skin and prepares it to receive a new treatment. They are perfect to use before going to sleep to let the skin breathe and regenerate while we sleep.
In natural cosmetics you can buy natural facial tonics of ecological cosmetics according to your skin type. Choose the natural facial tonic for oily skin, mixed skin or dry skin, which best suits your face, being ecological facial tonics are perfectly adapted to sensitive and delicate skin. Try natural cosmetics.