Facial cleansers

Facial cleansers are a key piece for a good daily facial cleansing. The skin of the face is different from that of the rest of the body, it is the only one that is exposed all year long being more exposed and more vulnerable to external conditions, so it needs special care.

Natural face cleansers


The face is subject to external factors such as cold, sun and pollution, which act negatively on our skin causing dryness, irritation, spots, wrinkles and premature aging of the skin, hence the importance of taking care of it as it deserves. The skin needs to breathe so as not to lose its vitality and grow old ahead of time. For this reason it is so important to use facial cleansers to perform a good face cleaning daily.The facial cleansers have a very soft and pleasant texture for cleaning our complexion, cleansing the face in depth and providing softness and hydration to the skin. In addition, if we regularly use a facial cleanser we favor the oxygenation of our skin, helping to achieve a brighter appearance and delay the appearance of expression marks and wrinkles. If you use the facial cleanser that is right for our skin, it prevents and eliminates black spots on oily skin or acne and enhances the effectiveness of specific treatments for neck and face.

The function of facial cleansers is to clean dirt and excess sebum so as not to clog pores, allowing the skin to breathe, oxygenate and regenerate properly, allowing the treatment creams we use to absorb properly. We can find different formats of facial cleanser, whether in facial cleansing gel, facial cleansing milk, facial cleansing cream, facial cleansing foam or facial cleansing soap, all of them fulfill the same function, facial cleansing but with different textures depending on Each type of skin.
There are specific facial cleansers for each type of skin and generic facial cleansers for normal skin. We can find facial cleansers for dry skin, facial cleansers for mixed skin, facial cleansers for oily or acne skin, facial cleansers for sensitive skin and facial cleansers for all skin types. It is very important to maintain a daily routine of facial cleansing in the morning and at night, especially if we have a skin with acne. First you should use a make-up remover to remove the makeup, then the facial cleanser to remove dead cells and give back vitality and finally the facial tonic to restore the skin’s pH and close the pores. After you have performed facial cleansing, our complexion will already be ready to absorb all the benefits of any treatment cream.

What facial cleanser to use depending on skin type

If we do not know very well which facial cleanser to choose, we will have to look for what type of skin is indicated. If we have dry skin or mature skin, our skin needs cleaning products with moisturizing ingredients that keep our skin well moisturized. The best choice for dry or mature skins are cleansing milks or cleansing oils, which in addition to removing the impurities leave the skin moisturized and spongy. For mixed skin or oily skin we need facial cleansers with astringent ingredients, which leave the skin matte without becoming dry, being the best choice for cleaning foams and facial cleansing gels. For acne-prone skin, specific cleansing and moisturizing products are needed with antiseptic ingredients to prevent and combat pimples and pimples caused by acne. Sensitive skin is easily irritated so we have to be careful and choose the facial cleanser that clearly indicates that it is suitable for sensitive skin.
As we already know to be able to have a healthy and beautiful skin is necessary to start with a good facial cleaning and for this you will have to choose the best facial cleanser for your skin type. In our natural cosmetics online store you can buy natural facial cleansers, which give extra care to the skin thanks to its natural components and in many cases ecological. So you know, if you are looking for a good facial cleanser try the natural facial cleansers.