Facial Cleansing

A good daily facial cleansing is essential to maintain a youthful and healthy complexion. That is why it is very important to use products specially designed for face cleaning.

Facial Cleansers

Each day we expose our face to pollution, environmental changes, makeup, stress, etc., things that add up and are generating a small layer of dirt that prevents our pores and skin from breathing properly, which produces dead cells, dots Blacks, pimples, excess sebum or dryness, leading to the formation of wrinkles and a premature aging of the skin. Hence the importance of cleaning our face every night before going to sleep, to remove that layer of dirt allowing our skin to breathe, rest and regenerate while we sleep, a process that we promote with a good nourishing cream at night. It is also important to perform a facial cleansing in the morning to eliminate the fat that we have been able to generate sleeping and leaving the skin ready to apply the moisturizer, make-up or the routine of each one.
For the morning facial cleansing will serve with a gentle facial cleanser and for night facial cleansing before going to sleep it is necessary a cleaner a little deeper, if you go make-up first you have to remove the makeup with a make-up remover, then you must Use a facial cleanser, the one that best suits your skin type, dry, normal, mixed, sensitive or greasy. The next step is to apply a facial tonic that will help close the pores of the skin and re-establish the ph of the face. Facial tonics just like facial cleansers are available for different skin types, whether dry, oily, normal, mixed or sensitive skin.

Daily Facial Cleansing

Apart from our daily facial cleansing it is necessary to perform a slightly deeper facial cleansing with a good facial mask, facial scrub or facial peel. In this way we perform a deep cleansing of the skin, keeping the skin clean, beautiful, healthy and resplendent.
Facial cleansing products are products that we usually apply to our skin, so it is better to be natural cosmetics from natural ingredients or organic cosmetics with a large part of organic ingredients. Natural ingredients that will take care of our skin and our face in a healthy and natural way.
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