Foot creams

The feet are that part of the body that many times we are left to forget until they really begin to give us problems. Foot creams give them the special care they deserve.

Natural foot creams

We spend many hours a day of feet with closed shoes, which dry, rotate and ruin our feet little by little. That’s why they appreciate that extra contribution of hydration and nutrition that help prevent dryness, the formation of hardness and cracks in the heels. Applying the foot creams with a gentle massage, provides a sensation of calm and relief and reactivates the blood circulation.

Care protects and moisturizes your feet with natural foot creams. Avoid the bad odors, giving a feeling of freshness to have soft and fresh feet.
If your feet are dry with cracked heels, your feet need hydration. Avoid dryness and cracked heels with a good foot cream from natural cosmetics or eco-friendly cosmetics.