Exfoliation is the natural process of skin renewal. When we talk about exfoliating, we refer to exfoliating products like exfoliating creams that help us in the process of natural exfoliation of the skin.

Natural exfoliating creams

The skin follows its usual process of cell regeneration where dead cells are generated and replaced by new cells, constantly being renewed with a process of skin rejuvenation. These dead cells in the exfoliation process do not usually come off the skin completely, leaving residues of dead cells and particles that clog the pores, stopping oxygenation and the process of skin rejuvenation. Exfoliators help cleanse the skin by removing impurities, diminish wrinkles and fine lines, improve acne scars and the appearance of sun damaged skin. It also decreases or eliminates blemishes, slowing the aging of the skin and promoting skin rejuvenation.

Body exfoliating

Body exfoliating and body peeling cleans the skin of our body in depth, eliminating the impurities to leave a smooth and smooth skin. The skin of the body has an aging process different from that of the face and neck, it loses elasticity, small cracks and wrinkles, stains, it becomes rough, producing desquamation and dryness, that is why it needs the specific use of body exfoliators accompanied by Body moisturizers If we want to keep the skin of our body pretty and young we should exfoliate our body at least once a week. Body exfoliation in addition to eliminating impurities and dead cells, promotes cell regeneration and activates blood circulation, being ideal to combat cellulite and orange peel. A good exfoliation or body peeling not only cleans the skin in depth, but also tones and gives a more uniform appearance and a soft touch. If we do before epilation we will avoid the formation of cystic hairs. Any treatment cream acts better on a clean skin, so it is advisable to make 2 peels a week if we are using an anti-cellulite or reducing cream. Also if you are using a self-tanning cream. Do not be afraid to use body scrubs if your skin is tanned or brown, you will not lose the color brown, on the contrary, if you use a good body scrub you will favor the tan more intense and uniform without dark spots on the skin.

Natural scrubs

If we have already convinced ourselves of the importance of a good body exfoliation, we now have to focus on which exfoliating is best for our skin and certainly better option than using a natural exfoliant. Natural scrubs being formulated with natural ingredients, in addition to deep cleansing our skin is taken care of and protected with natural products beneficial to our body, which in many cases are ecological exfoliating, I can not think of a better way to care for and renew Our skin. Natural body exfoliators are the most similar option to homemade body exfoliators, but without the hassle of home body scrubs and with the benefit of not having to make them every time we want to exfoliate our body. That’s why from natural cosmetics we encourage you to try the natural cosmetic exfoliating creams.