BDIH Certificate

bdih certificate

The BDIH certificate is a certificate of quality, which serves to regulate and verify the quality and provenance of the ingredients that make up the natural cosmetics

What is the BDIH certificate?

It is a German certificate that grants Ecocontrol in Osterode of high quality used in natural cosmetics to guarantee a minimum procedures and verify that it is a natural product. To obtain the BDIH certificate, minimum requirements must be met:

Protection of Animals

The BDIH certificate undertakes not to perform tests or quality tests on animals, avoiding animal abuse. The use of animal derivatives derived from vertebrates is not permitted: eg, whale sperm, turtle oil, mink oil, marmot oil, animal fats, collagen or fresh animal cells.

Vegetable ingredients

As far as possible, plant ingredients will be used to be possible from organic crops, whenever there is availability.

Prohibited ingredients in BDIH

Synthetic perfumes, synthetic coloring agents, silicones, petroleum derivatives and ethoxylated paraffinic ingredients are prohibited, but the permitted perfumes are indicated in ISO 9235.

Restricted Ingredients

Emulsifiers and surfactants may be used if they are obtained by hydrolysis, hydrogenation, esterification or transesterification of the following substances: fats, oils and waxes; Lecithin, lanolin, monosaccharides, oligosaccharides, proteins and lipoproteins.

Use of mineral ingredients

Mineral ingredients such as sodium chloride and the use of salts such as magnesium sulfate are allowed.

Ingredients for preserving products

To conserve the products we use all products that are accessible in nature including products such as salicylic acid and its salts, benzoic acid, its salts and acid esters, benzyl alcohol, ascorbic acid and its salts, betting on products that maintain In a natural way the quality and conservation of the cosmetic product.


Sterilization of natural ingredients or the final product of natural cosmetics by radioactive treatment is not permitted.

The independent institute Ecocontrol verifies that all the established criteria are fulfilled and it grants the Certificate of natural cosmetic BDIH.

Natural cosmetic brands with bdih certificate