Why Choose Natural Makeup

Makeup is a beauty product that spends many hours in contact with our skin and if we do not choose the right one, in the long run it can take a toll on us, causing allergies, irritations, intolerances or spots on our face. That is why it is very important that we stop to choose the best for our skin. The natural makeup with ecological certificate is the best option to take care of our dermis and to get the touch of beauty that we look for.
Today the natural makeup has nothing to envy the traditional in terms of colors, textures, variety of products and price. There is a wide range of natural cosmetic beauty products at incredible prices within reach of all.
Natural cosmetics are the best alternative to avoid the ingredients that are used in conventional cosmetics, such as: mineral oils, silicones and paraffins that are not related to our body. The natural make-up with ecological certificate dispenses with this type of ingredients to replace them with vegetable ingredients mostly from controlled organic farming.

Natural Makeup Ingredients

Purobio maquillaje fluido sublime claro

Among the ingredients used in natural makeup and ecological makeup are ingredients such as: oils and vegetable waxes; Plant extracts, antioxidants, vitamins; Pigments, natural dyes and essential oils. They respect the balance and natural functions of our skin, providing beauty and protection with a range of vibrant colors, avoiding additives harmful to our body.

Ecological makeup does not include in its formulations ingredients such as parabens, paraffins, mineral oils, PEG silicones or synthetic emulsifiers, synthetic colorants, synthetic perfumes or synthetic preservatives. Avoid all these types of ingredients to preserve the health of our skin and replace them with natural ingredients. They are cosmetics not tested on animals and in many cases are vegan products.

The ecological makeup does not include:

Mineral oil and petroleum products

Oils and mineral waxes, such as paraffin, petroleum jelly, etc. Are mixtures of hydrocarbons of different characteristics. These substances can not be included in any makeup since the skin does not understand or assimilate them. Due to the effects and reaction of these products, the skin loses its natural balance, altering its metabolism and preventing it from being regulated naturally, this causes changes in the medium term that can end in allergies, irritations and loss of vitality.


Paraffins, for example by using lipsticks, expose the skin to substances that are not “biologically” degradable to the body, so they remain without the skin understanding or recognizing them and can alter or damage the spleen, liver and accumulate in the Lymph nodes.

Synthetic Silicones

Silicones produced synthetically are substances that, among other things, leave the skin silky and also help to obtain a lasting effect on lipsticks and lipsticks, but our body does not metabolize them and can accumulate in the fatty tissue.

Preservatives and synthetic perfumes

Preservatives and synthetic perfumes are present in conventional makeup products and are known for their irritating effect, allergen or endocrine disrupter on the skin, as is the case with parabens.

Certified eco-make-up brands:

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