Dry skin

Dry skin is due to lack of moisture and moisture in the skin and usually manifests with tightness, dryness, cracks and roughness. It is a very common symptom of skin aging, dry skin is often marked more easily wrinkles, encouraging the aging of the dermis.

The main causes of dry skin

– Sudden changes in temperature or seasonal changes, cold, air and heat are often the main factors that dry the skin, so in winter is one of the times when the skin suffers and is Dry more easily, especially the parts of the body that are exposed to the outside as the hands and skin of the face. In summer, tanning and sun exposure also dry and age the skin.

– Heat and air conditioning also has a negative effect on the skin by modifying its moisture and promoting the formation of dry skin.

– Poor nutrition

– Do not drink enough water

– Tobacco

– Alcohol Intake

– Age is also a factor to take into account, as we grow older, our body stops producing the same amount of collagen, estrogen and lipids, and the skin becomes more easily parched.

– Showering or bathing too hot and exceeding 10 or 15 minutes is also a cause of dehydration for our skin, so it is preferable that they are short baths and warm water without using too aggressive soaps that can dry the skin. As soon as you leave the bath it is advisable to hydrate the body with a good moisturizer, body milk or body oil to hydrate the skin and prevent it from losing its natural hydration. In this way we help maintain a smooth, elastic and shiny skin.

The skin of the face has less elasticity than the rest of the body, so specific care is advised to avoid dry skin. As we said the sun and cold dry the skin, especially the face and lips, so it is very important that we follow a routine of facial care to prevent dryness. First we must use a facial cleanser, followed by a facial tonic and then a moisturizer with sun protection, this way we will keep our face moisturized and protected, preventing aging, dry skin and wrinkles.

How can we tell if our skin is dry?

Remedies to prevent dry skin

To prevent the formation of dry skin we recommend healthy habits with a varied diet and an appropriate daily intake of water, combined with the use of cosmetics that care for the skin. A facial cleanser along with a toner and a moisturizer with sun protection in the morning and a cleanser facial, toner and nourishing cream at night, are the perfect complement to keep skin healthy, hydrated, elastic and with a natural shine.

Treatment for dry and dehydrated skin

If we already have dry skin we must follow some treatment guidelines to repair the skin and keep it hydrated, avoiding routines and products that can aggravate our problem.

– Use specific facial cleansers for dry skin and avoid washing the face with aggressive soaps that can irritate and worsen the skin. </ P>

– Do not use alcohol products.

– If you like to make up, always use a moisturizer first and try to use fluid and cream foundation, avoiding the compact bases or powder that dry the skin.

– Do not expose yourself too much to the sun and protect your skin well with sunscreen.

– Do not exfoliate your skin very often, it can cause more irritation in dry areas.

– Do not shower with very hot water to keep skin lipids and the natural barrier intact.

– And remember, always moisturize your skin with a moisturizer to keep hydration well and avoid dryness. Dry skin is complicated, but with routine and the right creams and products can look young and shiny.

The best creams for dry skin

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