Differences between natural cosmetics and conventional cosmetics

Benefits of Natural Cosmetics

We have always seen very high quality creams with product synthesis that appear to be very good for our skin.
We have been bombarded with phrases such as “High Range Cosmetics” making us believe that a cream to make it good has to be expensive.

The products that are used in these creams, are increasingly farther away than what is a natural component. Being usual to add synthetic perfumes with pleasant smells, with market studies to increase the acceptance of the customers.

The a priori results of these creams are very good, the bad thing is that with the time the skin goes undergoing a premature aging.

The causes of this aging are due to the fact that these products have very strong components (to be able to see immediate results in the skin) that are not natural and syntheses thereof, that cause the skin to suffer and face to toxic for which they do not Is prepared, hence the real result is premature aging.

In many cases allergies and irritations in our skin also appear, which could have been avoided.

Testing animals in conventional cosmetics:

test en animales So from the beginning one of the most important requirements that we have demanded from our suppliers is that no product is tested on animals.

We love and know that they do not deserve a treat like that …..

Natural Cosmetics Why Test It?

Now let’s talk about Natural Cosmetics:
Being composed of natural products the probability of appearing allergies and irritations is much lower, our skin understands the product and absorbs all the nutrients and vitamins that contribute the plants that make it up.

No artificial perfumes are added, the smell they give off is very different from that of a traditional cosmetic, there is no need to do market research, the smell is simply that the plants that make it up.

On the other hand the prices are usually much lower, since there is no investment in studies of odors and fragrances, nor in advertising.

Now we have the most important question:

Why should I buy natural cosmetics if it does not have wonderful components, are only plants and why are they cheaper?

The answer is very simple, because these products are full of vitamins, vegetable oils and properties that contain plants.

They take care of your skin, nourish and moisturize, act against aging and most importantly, do not accelerate it, but fight against it, keeping skin young and in perfect condition.

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